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low price Copolymer laminated tape
Double Side Copolymer Coated Copper Tape
Product Description
Double Side copolymer coated copper tape ,which also named as copolymer laminated copper tape, copper copolymer lamination tape, EAA-AL-EAA lamination copper tape, EVA copolymer coated copper tape with two sides, Polyster coated copper tape with two sides, plastic coated copper tape, It applies for medium and high voltage power cables as a shield/moisture barrier as a moisture/ chemical barrier for cable core, it consists of a copper tape coated on double side with a special ethylene copolymer color-coded green.
The main advantages of our products includes: Firstly, Copolymer coated on the copper tape is highly heated EAA with good sealability, Comparing with normal PE, EAA has lower bonding temperature and higher heat sealability, which make longitudinal winding technique more simply and convenient in cable production. Secondly, our product has low coefficient of friction, which is lower than 30-50% of same factories. Using this low coefficient of friction products, copolymer coated metal tape has small deformation and low mechanical losses in production, which can improve the stability of fiber optic cable and service life.
Technical Data Sheet
PropertyUnitValuesTest Method
Tensile StrengthMPa&#8805;180ASTM B152
Elongation%&#8805;20ASTM B152
Peel strengthN/cm&#8805;5ASTM B736
Heat Seal strengthN/cm&#8805;17.5ASTM B736
Corrosion resistanceGrade7&#12288;
Filler/ Flood Resistance 68 deg C/168 hrs&#12288;No DelaminationASTM B736
Water Resistance 68 deg Cl 168 hrs, Peel Strength68&#8451;N/cm&#8805;5ASTM B736
Dielectric Strength Two-Side, DC 1 Kv&#12288;No Break&#12288;
Inner DiameterWidthLengthRoll core material
76/150/406mm10mm-1000mm2000m without jointspaper/steel/plastic

Keep the warehouse clean. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, pollution and all damage caused byexternal forces.
Skilled operators should take or lay the materials gently, avoid scrap and crash problems.
The above mentioned data sheet should, however, only be regarded as a general guide to product properties and not as a guarantee. Some of the properties can be changed as a result of our efforts to improve the quality of our products. All listed test method is just for reference, actual test performed according to modified equipment and conditions.

Contact :
Wuxi Suda New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
Att: Jenny
Add: No. 18, Xuefeng Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.
Q.What about the transportation?
A:We can take any type of transportation according to the customer's demand.
Q: why choose us?
A:Wuxi Suda New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional factory which produces copolymer coated steel/ aluminum/ copper tape for cable industry. As one of professional factories in China, the main advantages of our products include the following aspects: Firstly, Copolymer coated on the metal tape is highly heated EAA with good sealability, which makes cable production more simply and convenient. Secondly, our product has low coefficient of friction, which is lower than 30-50% of same level in domestic enterprises. Thirdly, we cooperate with famous cable companies all over the world, such as Prysmian, Nexans, Alcatel France, Fiberhome, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable, etc, it proves that we are a reliable supplier and cooperative partner for cable companies.low price Copolymer laminated tape

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