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wholesale Tattoo Needles
Hollow Round Liner Tattoo Needle optimizes flow of ink, making cleaner, crisp lines and less traumatic to the skin.
These needles have a #12 (0.35mm) diameter and groupings ranging from 5 points up to 13 points
We usually marked HL (Hollow Liner) for short. You'll almost always see them written with their number in front, exp. 1207HL. The first 2 digits “12” tells you the diameter of the needles for grouping with 0.35mm needles, the end 2 digits tells have many needles are used in the configuration, so a 1207HL has 7pcs 0.35mm needles grouped in a circle configuration, a 1209HL has 9 pcs 0.35mm needles and so on.
Item No. N010
Weight 0.0052
N010 Material: Made by 304L Medical Grade Stainless steel
N010 Pack: Packed by EO (Ethylene oxide gas) Sterilized and individually blister
N010 Compatible: Compatible with most tattoo machines (rotary and coil)
N010 Size available: From 5-13 needles
N010 Price for 1 box: 1 box contains 50pcs needles
N010 Belong: Tattoo Supplieswholesale Tattoo Needles

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